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“I hope Smokey the bear catches you hiking and trail rapes you.”

…Jefe truly cares about his employees.

Jefe’s words of wisdom.

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For all our animal conscious neighbors…vegan desserts!

Starting this Saturday  The Sweet Spot we will teaming up with the girls at Sweet Freedom bakery in South Philly to bring you a delicious selection ofgluten free and vegan desserts!  Let me say, as an omnivore I was a little skeptical but after Heather came with some samples for us our

staff was damn impressed and decided we had to carry these treats.

All the desserts are free from gluten, dairy, eggs, soy, corn, peanuts, refined sugar, and they are also vegan and kosher.  So then what are they made with?….magic? crack? find out here…


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beautiful day. beautiful song. beautiful girl.



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TONIGHT: Life Coach

Tonight, Sweet Spot is hosting a FREE Event with Personal Performance Coach Erin Owen, MBA.

“Erin is an expert in Eastern practices and philosophies, nutrition, and business success. She shows self-employed professionals and entrepreneurs how to get stuff done and have a life too by applying Eastern wisdom to the way we work and live.”

Come to the Sweet Spot tonight at 7:00 p.m. to discover the four secrets to getting more done in your life, without burning out or neglecting the important stuff!

See you tonight!


Your favorite neighborhood baristas

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It’s Mardi Gras! Someone Flash Us!

Hey fellow coffee lovers,

It is Mardi Gras! Whoo hoo! This has literal relevance to me OTHER than the fact that it’s FAT TUESDAY. Which gives us all an excuse to eat doughnuts. Here at Sweet Spot, we don’t actually have doughnuts. We *do* have lots of delicious cupcakes and desserts, however. Which means you should come in. And eat some. And eat some more. Trust me, it doesn’t even count, it’s Fat Tuesday! Beads for everyone!

Also, someone just came in with a large bottle of a) white wine and b) some vodka-like drink, which reminded me that we are a BYOB. Come in and drink and eat desserts! You can do that! Because it’s Mardi Gras!

(And really, what else are you going to do on your boring, relatively chilly Tuesday afternoon?)

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Sweet Spotting: sights from the shop


Pole hats are so hipster.

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Mundo’s guide to sustainable living: Orange Candles

That orange was delicious, but it still has more to give.  Fill half of an orange peel with cooking oil, leaving the core (wick) of the rind above the top. Let it sit a min or two so the oil is soak up and light.  It may take a little longer to light than a candle but it will burn for most of the day giving off a citrus aroma.


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